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Are there any Search Tips for using the Digital IMD?

Are there any Search Tips for using the Digital IMD?


We would encourage Doctors to experiment with the Search facilities on the Digital IMD.  

The Main Category Page with its colourful icons was designed to match the sections of the Irish Medical Directory with which Doctors have become familiar over the last twenty years. If you already know what or who you are looking for, then this section burrows down into easily identifiable groups or locations, where the individual entries are then arranged in alphabetical order.

The Keyword Box is the one that searches the entire Database of the IMD. Here you can insert words as diverse as Emphysema, An Post, MRSA, Rugby, Cutaneous Lymphoma or Ballyhaunis. If you retrieve no results, the word or phrase (as you typed it) does not appear in the IMD. As with all search facilities, there are limitations. You might have more luck using a surname search rather than a full name search.  And beware of fadas, acutes and apostrophes.

The other three Search Boxes can be used to narrow or focus your search.

The Location Box searches just the County of the principal address of each entry in the IMD.

The Name Box searches just the principal Name field of each individual entry in the IMD, be it of a person, facility, company or institution.

The Category Box is self-explanatory with its drop down menu for various sections of the IMD.

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